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Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Train Engineers Driver

We did lots of stuff over Christmas break and I have lots to tell you. First I want to tell you about my Mom’s friend, he’s a driver. When a train arrives in town sometimes the engineer (train driver) has another train waiting in a different city. My Mom’s friend will pick-up the engineer and drive him to the location of the next train.  Sometimes the drives are really short but other times it can be up to a 10 hour drive. Mom’s friend has a van that belongs to the company he works for but it stays at his house so if he gets a call he can leave immediately to pick-up the engineer. He’s on-call which means he could get called anytime during the day or night. While we were visiting he had a call during the day for a pick-up and he worked about 3 hours. Later that night he got another call and had to leave again. I think he likes to drive so it’s a really good job for him and he meets interesting people.

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