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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Construction Team

Our next-door neighbors changed the outside of their house; I mean the entire outside of the house. They started with a new roof but they also had all the siding replaced and added stone on the front. Every morning we would hear hammers and saws and men talking. The roofers came first and tore off the old roof and put on a new one. The guys tearing off the roof looked like young guys but the guy in-charge was older like my dad’s age. The older man was a professional roofer and he owned the roofing company. He hired the young guys to help with the “grunt” work like tearing the shingles off and cleaning up everything.

The siding guys came next and this was a different group of guys but same type of group. They had a bunch of younger guys who tore-off all the siding and tossed it into a giant trash bin. After everything came off they put plastic wrap stuff over the wood which Dad said was insulation. More guys came and put the new siding on.

Another man who was a mason put stones on the front by the garage and all the way up the center around the front door and all the way up to the roof. Dad said that the mason is a skilled trade and he probably only works on the stone and not the siding.

Next came yet another group of people with windows. The widows went in really fast and only took a day but it was funny to see the house without any windows during that time.

I thought it was interesting that each group had a different purpose and they all seemed to specialize in one area.

Oh, I forgot the gutter guy. This was a younger guy but he said he owned his own company. He only does gutters and he worked alone. He had a truck with a trailer to carry everything and a bunch of equipment to cut the gutters to fit. He worked really fast and only needed half a day to finish the house.

I’m glad they are done so it isn’t as noisy now.

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