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Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Welder

I spent today with my friend Lisa and her parents. Our park had a special day for artist to bring their stuff and have tables so that people could visit with them and buy their things. Several of the artists had pictures that they painted or things you put on the wall. One man had wood carvings and Lisa bought a wood carving of a bear.

My favorite art booth was a woman named Sarah who made metal sculptures taller than me. Lisa’s mom said it was abstract art because it didn’t look like anything real but it twisted around and stuff. We met Sarah and she told us that she welded the pieces together to represent different things in her life. She said she works third shift as a Mig Welder and does her art during the day. I asked what a Mig Welder is and Sarah said it’s the people you see pictures of who are welding with the big helmet like mask and all the sparks flying around. Sarah worked in the factory on a machine but she really liked the welding because she thought it was like art. Sarah started working with another welder who showed her how to use the equipment. She also took classes so she could get certified. When they had an opening for a welder she applied and got the job. She also likes working alone and at work she has a special tent for her work area to protect other people from the sparks. She works inside the tent with lots of safety equipment so she doesn’t get burned but she said it’s still really hot.

Lisa and I both liked Sarah because she seemed really nice. Sarah didn’t have any small pieces that we could buy but she said she would make be a little bear out of ball bearings which are little metal balls. I can’t wait to see what my little bear looks like.


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