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Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Painter

My neighbors, the Moxleys, had their front door painted today. They had a green door and now they have a red door. I think it looks really nice and matches the house. Mr. Bob painted the door for them, he lives in our town and paints houses as a job. Mr. Bob started painting after he graduated from high school and now he has over 30 years of painting experience. I bet he knows the original color of all the buildings in our town.

I remember when we painted the bathroom I share with my brother Kevin. We picked a really nice light blue but we didn't use the right paint. The lady at the paint store didn't know that we wanted it for a bathroom and the paint we used looked really funny and showed drippy streaks after Kevin took his shower. We had to re-paint with paint made for bathrooms and moisture. I also found out that they have different paint for indoor and outdoor as well as oil and water based paint. A painter like Mr. Bob knows what type of paint to use and they know how to prepare the surface so it's ready for painting. I think painting is fun but next time I want to paint I will ask if I have the right paint so I don't have to do it twice.

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