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Monday, June 28, 2010

The Newspaper Lady

Today I had an interview with a lady from the newspaper. We had some mean boys destroy our local park and all my neighbors got together and fixed it up so it looked like new. The lady from the newspaper wanted to write a story about the park and how we all worked together to fix it. She asked us who discovered that the park had been damaged. We told her what happened and how we got the park ranger involved and how Dad and I went door to door to ask neighbors to help. The newspaper lady wrote everything we said, I thought it was neat that she could write and talk at the same time because I can never remember what I wanted to write when I start talking.

I asked the newspaper lady if she was a reporter and she said she is the managing editor. I asked what that meant and she said that she makes the big decisions like what stories will go in the paper and how the paper will all come together. She decides what the cover story will be and sometimes she has to hold a story because something really big is happening like bad weather or large community events. She said we had a big story so we might get the cover.

I told her that her job sounded really fun and I wondered what I would have to do to be a managing editor. She said she went to college for journalism and did an intership at a newspaper and worked as a reporter before getting her job. Mrs. Crawford was sitting by us and she suggested that I should write for my school paper, that sounded fun so I think I will try that when school starts again. I can't believe a little part of me is excited to go back to school.

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