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Monday, February 1, 2010

Visiting the Dentist

I didn't go to school this morning, I had a dentist appointment. I had an appointment before to have my teeth checked and they found a soft spot which could start to hurt later so today they fixed it. Mrs. Crawford took me to the dentist because my Mom and Dad had to work. I didn't mind going with Mrs. Crawford, Mom hasn't gone in with me for my appointments since I was a little kid, now she just sits in the lobby. My dentist has birds outside the window that you can watch while she works on your teeth, sometimes she lets me listen to music. They always numb my mouth so I don't feel anything and if I start to feel something they stop and fix it so I stop feeling it. Even if I feel something it never hurts more than most of my scrapes and it is usually really quick. When I jump from a really high place my feet will sting when they hit the ground, I think that hurts worse than anything I have had at the dentist.

My Dentist went to school for a really long time, she had to take lots of classes in biology, chemistry, physics, health, and math. She also had to take a test so she could go to Dental School and after she finished all her classes she had to take a test to get out of school and be a dentist. When a dentist finishes school they get a degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS), or an equivalent degree, Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD). And they keep going to school for more training and to learn new stuff. I think all doctors must really like school because Mrs. Crawford's eye doctor also went to school for a really long time.

When I got to school I had missed first recess and lunch had already started. My best friend Lisa was already playing with some other kids so I ate my lunch and played alone on the swings during lunch. We played together during the afternoon recess and she told me about everything I missed that morning. I didn't miss much but it still felt strange missing school.


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