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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Manicurist

Today is my best friend Lisa's birthday. After school her mom picked us up and we went to the nail salon to get our nails done. Lisa wants to be a manicurist when she grows-up and she's always trying to do my nails. When we get to high school Lisa will be able to take classes at the beauty school so she can start working at a salon. Lisa found out that our state requires that a manicurist is 17 years old and has passed the 9th grade. Lisa won't turn 17 until our senior year but she can take the classes her junior year and get her license as soon as she turns 17 and passes a test.

We had a great time getting our nails done. I picked pink polish and had yellow flowers painted on my nails. Lisa got black polish with pink flowers and rainbows on her thumbs. I didn't like the black but it looked really neat with the rainbow. Lisa's mom let us pick three bottles of polish each to take home. I picked pink, clear with glitter and white. Lisa got the black polish, a really ugly green and purple. I'm sure she will do something really crazy with her colors.

After we had our nails done we went out for pizza and had cake at Lisa's house. I didn't get to spend the night because it's a school night but it would have been fun.

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