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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Jewelry Sales Lady

Mom took me to a party tonight at our neighbor Mrs. Moxley’s house. She had a bunch of ladies over and one lady talked about jewelry, she had jewelry all over the kitchen table. We all sat in a room while the lady in charge passed around necklaces and earrings. I liked some of them and Mom let me buy one set of earrings The lady in charge said that this is her job and she goes to peoples houses and sells her jewelry to the people at the party. It reminded me a lot of the stamping parties Mom and I like to go to. The jewelry lady said she likes what she does because she can spend time with her family during the day and she makes a bunch of money. She said she didn’t like speaking in-front of people when she started but she’s good at it now. I’m not sure I would want to talk at parties all the time like she does. After the party I asked Mom about the sales lady, Mom said she has friends who sell all kinds of things like the stamps or home decorations, make-up and clothes.

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