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Friday, January 15, 2010

Call the Plumber

We woke-up this morning and didn’t have any water, the pipes froze. Mom and I went across the street to my babysitter, Mrs. Crawford’s house to shower this morning. Dad has a shower at his office so he went to work. My brother Kevin didn’t seem to be bothered by it, I don’t think he showered at all. It was fun to go to McDonald’s for breakfast. After we got home we still didn’t have water so my Dad called Mr. Briggs who we met this summer. Mr. Briggs is a plumber and works on new houses by our house. Mr. Briggs came right over and told Dad it wouldn’t take very long to get the water running again. I watched Mr. Briggs and helped by handing him stuff. He used heat tape which looks like a wire that he wrapped around the pipe where it was frozen. We gathered a bunch of towels and buckets just incase of leaks but ended-up not having leaks. After the water started running again Mr. Briggs told my Dad we should keep the heat on in the basement during the winter and maybe even add a space heater during really cold days. Dad said he had turned the heat off in the basement to try and save money but he thought now it probably wasn’t a good idea.

I talked to the mean girl today, her name is Stacey, I said hello and told her I liked her backpack. She gave me a really strange look but after a minute said thank-you and rushed down the hall. Maybe next time I see her she will say something nice to me.

Read more about Mr. Briggs and my first job in my book, Introducing Krista Kay-Summer Begins, available for purchase in April.


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