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Monday, January 25, 2010

The Substitute Teacher

We had a substitute teacher today, I usually don’t like subs because the class goes crazy but I liked this one. Her name was Ms. Jones and she seemed to have really good control over the class and everyone liked her and listened to her. She told us that she is currently going to school to be a teacher and working as a sub for the experience and to help pay for college. Ms. Jones said at her college it takes 5 years to be a teacher because she will be required to student teach which takes a long time. We had a student teacher working with my teacher last year. Sometimes the student teacher acted like the real teacher and taught our lessons. We have some subs at our school that are in different classes all the time so they know all of the kids. I like it when we get the subs who know us because the other kids don’t act crazy with those subs. Ms. Jones was great today and I hope we get her again sometime.

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