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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Making our clothing donation

Sorry I am late tonight. We stopped at the donation place and made our donation. It’s a big place that looks like a garage sale but it has shelves and racks that makes it look like a store. The man that took our stuff was George, he’s a full-time employee and he usually drives a forklift to move the heavy stuff like ovens and refrigerators. They had a bunch of clothes but also furniture, kitchen stuff and even televisions. George said they take donations and sell them to make money to keep the program going. People who need clothes or anything else can go in and buy stuff for really low prices or if they see someone in need sometimes they will give them a coat or something. I thought it was a good place.

Oh, I smiled at the mean girl today as we passed in the hall at school. She didn’t smile back but I think I will try to say hello to her tomorrow.

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