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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mean Girl

I wore my new sweater to school today, I got it for Christmas and it has a matching hat and scarf. My best friend Lisa said she liked it and Lisa is really into clothes but another girl made fun of me. I told my Mom about it and she said I shouldn't think about what she said but why she said it. Mom said that lots of parents lost their jobs this year and maybe the girl said mean things because she's sad that she didn't get a sweater for Christmas. Mom said I should be empathetic with her and try to make an effort this week to say something nice to her. I had no idea what empathetic meant so Mom told me to look it up, I guess it's kind of like pretending that you are that person and thinking about how you would feel. I think I might be sad if we didn't have enough money for Christmas but I would still be nice. We decided to look at my old sweaters and see if I have any we could donate to kids who need sweaters this winter. It's really cold and snowy here so I think every kid should have a sweater and maybe I have some coats and boots I could also donate.

Well, I have tons of homework so see you later.

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