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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Doctor Heidi

I was sick yesterday, dizzy and stomach ache. Dad took me to the Doctor to make sure I didn't have the bad flu. The office was full of people and the Doctor couldn't see me so Doctor Heidi looked at me instead. I have had Doctor Heidi before and I like her. She's not really a doctor but I call her that because she does everything that my doctor does. She told me that she's a Physician's Assistant so she does doctor stuff but she works with a doctor probably like a team I think. She went to school for a really long time like my Dad who is a lawyer. She went to college for about 6 years, two of those years where in a special Physician Assistant program with really hard classes.

I still call her Doctor Heidi because Physician's Assistant Heidi is hard to say, especially if you are sick. She asked me a bunch of questions about how I felt and about school and my friends while she looked at my eyes, mouth and ears. Why do they always ask you questions just before they stick that tongue stick in your mouth, the dentist does the same thing. Well, I had an ear infection and I have drops that my Mom puts in my ear. I like Doctor Heidi, I don't like the drops in my ears.

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