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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bus Driver

I left my lunch on the bus this morning so my Bus Driver brought it to my classroom. She drives us to school and watches us at recess as the recess lady. I asked her once why she doesn't watch us at noon and she said she's the kindergarten bus driver so she picks-up the afternoon kindergarteners around lunch time.

The Bus Drivers have a special license so they can drive all of the kids on a bus. My Bus Driver told me that she had regular drivers training to drive a car and had to take extra classes and drivers test for another license called a CDL. We have had drivers ride along on our bus before so they could learn about driving and our route. When we have a sub Bus Driver we are asked to move to the front seat just before our stop so we can tell the Bus Driver where our houses are. My bus stop has a bunch of kids getting off the bus but I am the oldest so I always get stuck telling the driver where to stop.

And you know what, when we have a sub bus driver the kids don't act crazy like they do with a substitute teacher. I think since everyone wants to get home we all pay attention and help the bus driver get everyone to the right stops.

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