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Monday, July 21, 2014

Krista Kay Mackinac Island Adventures Book Trailer

Krista Kay Mackinac Island Adventures Book Trailer.

Boats, horses, historic forts, beautiful landscape, yummy fudge, great food, unique stores and new friends; is this all possible in just one week? Yes, if you join Krista Kay for her Mackinac Island Adventures.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Krista Kay Mackinac Island Adventures is a recipient of the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award

The Mom's Choice Awards® has named children’s book, Krista Kay Mackinac Island Adventures, by Michigan Author Julie Staffen among the best in family-friendly media, products and services.

 Krista Kay Mackinac Island Adventures is the second book in the Krista Kay’s Adventures series. The series helps young readers learn about people in different careers while they are entertained by Krista and her adventures and imaginary games.

The Mom’s Choice Awards® (MCA) is an international awards program that recognizes authors, inventors, companies, parents and others for their efforts in creating quality family-friendly media, products and services.

Parents, educators, librarians and retailers look for the Mom’s Choice Awards Honoring

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An esteemed panel of judges includes education, media and other experts as well as parents, children, librarians, performing artists, producers, medical and business professionals, authors, scientists and others. A sampling of the panel members includes: Dr. Twila C. Liggett, ten-time Emmy-winner, professor and founder of PBS’s Reading Rainbow; Julie Aigner-Clark, Creator of Baby Einstein and The Safe Side Project; Jodee Blanco, New York Times best-selling author, Priscilla Dunstan, creator of the Dunstan Baby Language; Patricia Rossi, host of NBC’s Manners Minute; Dr. Letitia S. Wright, D.C., host of the Wright Place™ TV Show; and Catherine Witcher, M.Ed., special needs expert and founder of Precision Education, Inc.

MCA judges are bound by a strict code of ethics which ensures expert and objective analysis free from any manufacturer association. The evaluation process uses a propriety methodology in which entries are scored on a number of elements including production quality, design, educational value, entertainment value, originality, appeal and cost.

To be considered for an award, each entrant submits five identical samples of a product. Entries are matched to judges in the MCA database. Judges perform a thorough analysis and submit a detailed assessment. Results are compiled and submitted to the MCA Executive Committee for final approval.

The end result is a list of the best in family-friendly media, products and services that parents and educators can feel confident in using.

For more information on the awards program and the honorees, visit

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day (part 2)

I had my special day with Dad. Before our day together I had to get permission from my school and I had to write a letter to my teacher and tell her how I would spend my day. Dad helped me write my letter and we told my teacher that I would spend the day at his office watching Dad do his job. I would also spend some time with his Research Assistant and his Legal Secretary. My teacher approved my day and gave me a paper I had to fill-out with some questions about the day.

I always eat breakfast with Dad but it was strange to see the bus leave without me as I got into Dad's car to go to work. I had visited Dad's office many times and I knew all of the people who worked with him. He has a Research Assistant named Kathy and a Legal Secretary named Bob. They are always busy working on different cases or talking to clients.

As soon as we walked into the office the phones started ringing, Kathy and Bob were already busy with work. I spent the morning with Dad, first we looked at his phone messages that Bob gave him to see if he needed to return any calls or if he had any urgent business. Dad didn't have any calls to return from the messages but he had a few client calls for the morning. Before the calls he and Kathy went through the files and reviewed the cases. I didn't get to listen to the case information so I had to sit in the lobby because it's all secret stuff. When Dad made the call he told the client that I was there for my special day and asked if I could sit-in on the call. I can't say much about it but it was someone writing a will incase something happened to them their kids would get their stuff. Dad had already met with these clients before but they had a few questions after meeting with the rest of the family.

Kathy spent a little time with me and showed me the legal books in the office and helped me read a case. The wording was kinda hard but after the legal stuff it's more like a story so I liked it. Kathy said sometimes she needs to find out how a case was handled in the past to decide how they should do things now.

I liked my special day and I think Dad has a really interesting job. Most of the time Dad talks to people about what's going on in their lives and helps them make decisions that might mean legal stuff.

I had to fill out my paper for school which asked questions about how I spent my day, who I spent it with and what I learned. Dad helped me write some of it and I showed it to my mom when I got home. It was a fun day and I couldn't wait to give my report at school.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day

Thursday April 28th is the day that parents will take their daughter or son to work. I just found out that I get to go to work with Dad, I can't wait. Will tell you all about it after my special day. Hope you have a great day.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Train Engineers Driver

We did lots of stuff over Christmas break and I have lots to tell you. First I want to tell you about my Mom’s friend, he’s a driver. When a train arrives in town sometimes the engineer (train driver) has another train waiting in a different city. My Mom’s friend will pick-up the engineer and drive him to the location of the next train.  Sometimes the drives are really short but other times it can be up to a 10 hour drive. Mom’s friend has a van that belongs to the company he works for but it stays at his house so if he gets a call he can leave immediately to pick-up the engineer. He’s on-call which means he could get called anytime during the day or night. While we were visiting he had a call during the day for a pick-up and he worked about 3 hours. Later that night he got another call and had to leave again. I think he likes to drive so it’s a really good job for him and he meets interesting people.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Construction Team

Our next-door neighbors changed the outside of their house; I mean the entire outside of the house. They started with a new roof but they also had all the siding replaced and added stone on the front. Every morning we would hear hammers and saws and men talking. The roofers came first and tore off the old roof and put on a new one. The guys tearing off the roof looked like young guys but the guy in-charge was older like my dad’s age. The older man was a professional roofer and he owned the roofing company. He hired the young guys to help with the “grunt” work like tearing the shingles off and cleaning up everything.

The siding guys came next and this was a different group of guys but same type of group. They had a bunch of younger guys who tore-off all the siding and tossed it into a giant trash bin. After everything came off they put plastic wrap stuff over the wood which Dad said was insulation. More guys came and put the new siding on.

Another man who was a mason put stones on the front by the garage and all the way up the center around the front door and all the way up to the roof. Dad said that the mason is a skilled trade and he probably only works on the stone and not the siding.

Next came yet another group of people with windows. The widows went in really fast and only took a day but it was funny to see the house without any windows during that time.

I thought it was interesting that each group had a different purpose and they all seemed to specialize in one area.

Oh, I forgot the gutter guy. This was a younger guy but he said he owned his own company. He only does gutters and he worked alone. He had a truck with a trailer to carry everything and a bunch of equipment to cut the gutters to fit. He worked really fast and only needed half a day to finish the house.

I’m glad they are done so it isn’t as noisy now.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Television Studio

We had a big trip to Chicago for my back-to-school shopping and we visited a television studio. I like Chicago because the buildings are really tall and they have every store you could ever think of and lots of great food. I also like shopping on Michigan Avenue because you can walk from one store to the next and most of the people are really nice.

During this trip we visited a television studio. We had to have advance permission to visit and when we arrived I had to show my school I.D. to security so I could enter the building. They also searched our bags and we walked through a metal detector just like the ones at the airport. I had a piece of paper in my purse so they took it out and said I could get it back when I left the building, you can’t take paper in I guess. We sat in a huge waiting area for almost two hours before we could go into the studio and the security people would walk around and make sure everyone behaved themselves.

We finally got called to go into the studio. When we entered we came in behind the audience seats and it reminded me of a basketball game. In the studio we could see windows all around the top of the seat section for cameras to catch everything that happened. They also had cameras on cranes which could stretch over the audience and get all the angles that the other cameras might miss. And they had more cameras on stands that rolled around the floor with people behind them pushing them around. I couldn’t believe how many cameras they had in such a small place. They had a stage in the center and really cool walls behind the stage and I could tell that the walls could move.

When I looked at the ceiling they had a million different types of lights pointing and hanging from just about every space possible. We met a man who could control the lights and some of the cameras from a computer. He said during filming he sits in a room hidden behind the audience and high up so he can see everything going on. They told us that it takes over 100 people to work behind the scenes to produce one show.

If you visit Chicago you should wear really comfortable shoes so you can walk a lot and visit the museum. I also liked the Water Tower place that had all the stores and I liked the television studio. We didn’t get to see everything but Mom said we would return next summer and maybe stay longer so we can see more stuff.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Welder

I spent today with my friend Lisa and her parents. Our park had a special day for artist to bring their stuff and have tables so that people could visit with them and buy their things. Several of the artists had pictures that they painted or things you put on the wall. One man had wood carvings and Lisa bought a wood carving of a bear.

My favorite art booth was a woman named Sarah who made metal sculptures taller than me. Lisa’s mom said it was abstract art because it didn’t look like anything real but it twisted around and stuff. We met Sarah and she told us that she welded the pieces together to represent different things in her life. She said she works third shift as a Mig Welder and does her art during the day. I asked what a Mig Welder is and Sarah said it’s the people you see pictures of who are welding with the big helmet like mask and all the sparks flying around. Sarah worked in the factory on a machine but she really liked the welding because she thought it was like art. Sarah started working with another welder who showed her how to use the equipment. She also took classes so she could get certified. When they had an opening for a welder she applied and got the job. She also likes working alone and at work she has a special tent for her work area to protect other people from the sparks. She works inside the tent with lots of safety equipment so she doesn’t get burned but she said it’s still really hot.

Lisa and I both liked Sarah because she seemed really nice. Sarah didn’t have any small pieces that we could buy but she said she would make be a little bear out of ball bearings which are little metal balls. I can’t wait to see what my little bear looks like.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Aviation Technician

Today I met one of my Mom’s co-workers, John the Aviation Technician. John is kind of a mechanic for planes which I thought were really interesting because I like planes. John showed me a small plane and all the control stuff in the plane and how my Mom’s software makes things move. When the plane has problems John will inspect it and figure out if the problem is physical or software stuff. If it’s mechanical John can fix it. John attended a special program in college where he learned all about the mechanical stuff and how a plane is put together and how it works. He said he had to learn about water and airflow, electronics, welding and all sorts of other stuff so he knows every inch of the plane. He had to pass some really hard tests and get certified so he could fix planes.

It was fun to meet someone who works with my mom and learn about her job and John’s job. I feel safe flying in any plane that my mom and John worked on because they are both really smart.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Golf Pro

My Dad bought new golf clubs today and we met a real Golf Pro. His name was Norm and he gives people lessons and he owns his own store and golf range. He loves golf and decided at a young age to earn money playing so he got so good he could teach other people.

Mr. Norm helped my dad pick out new clubs and took my dad to the range so he could try the clubs before you purchased them. Mr. Norm also showed my dad some really good things to help him hit the ball all the way down the range. The ball went really far after Mr. Norm helped my dad.

Dad has new clubs now and I like them because they are blue and I like blue. Dad decided to take lessons from Mr. Norm so we will see him again in a week and Dad said I could try when we go back.

Friday, July 9, 2010

New Friend Rosa

Today I met a new friend and her name is Rosa. She is a little younger, maybe about the same age as my friend Jessica.

Rosa likes to write just like me. Mom said that they have classes in college for writing like the classes the newspaper lady had to take when she was in school. Rosa can also draw so she is really talented. I wish I could draw nice pictures for my stories. We had fun eating cookies and talking. Glad I made a new friend today.

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Newspaper Lady

Today I had an interview with a lady from the newspaper. We had some mean boys destroy our local park and all my neighbors got together and fixed it up so it looked like new. The lady from the newspaper wanted to write a story about the park and how we all worked together to fix it. She asked us who discovered that the park had been damaged. We told her what happened and how we got the park ranger involved and how Dad and I went door to door to ask neighbors to help. The newspaper lady wrote everything we said, I thought it was neat that she could write and talk at the same time because I can never remember what I wanted to write when I start talking.

I asked the newspaper lady if she was a reporter and she said she is the managing editor. I asked what that meant and she said that she makes the big decisions like what stories will go in the paper and how the paper will all come together. She decides what the cover story will be and sometimes she has to hold a story because something really big is happening like bad weather or large community events. She said we had a big story so we might get the cover.

I told her that her job sounded really fun and I wondered what I would have to do to be a managing editor. She said she went to college for journalism and did an intership at a newspaper and worked as a reporter before getting her job. Mrs. Crawford was sitting by us and she suggested that I should write for my school paper, that sounded fun so I think I will try that when school starts again. I can't believe a little part of me is excited to go back to school.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Painter

My neighbors, the Moxleys, had their front door painted today. They had a green door and now they have a red door. I think it looks really nice and matches the house. Mr. Bob painted the door for them, he lives in our town and paints houses as a job. Mr. Bob started painting after he graduated from high school and now he has over 30 years of painting experience. I bet he knows the original color of all the buildings in our town.

I remember when we painted the bathroom I share with my brother Kevin. We picked a really nice light blue but we didn't use the right paint. The lady at the paint store didn't know that we wanted it for a bathroom and the paint we used looked really funny and showed drippy streaks after Kevin took his shower. We had to re-paint with paint made for bathrooms and moisture. I also found out that they have different paint for indoor and outdoor as well as oil and water based paint. A painter like Mr. Bob knows what type of paint to use and they know how to prepare the surface so it's ready for painting. I think painting is fun but next time I want to paint I will ask if I have the right paint so I don't have to do it twice.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Landscaper

Dad and I spent the day working in the yard. In the spring we raked all the leaves out and trimmed some of the bushes. Now everything has grown and we had to clean and trim again. Dad had mulch delivered and we worked together to spread it under all the bushes. Dad’s friend owns the landscaping place and he delivered our mulch so he visited with us a little bit and gave Dad a bunch of ideas for our yard. Dad’s friend, Tom, started working in landscaping as a kid in his family’s business and now he owns it. Tom had to learn a lot about trees, grass and shrubs and he even knows stuff about fungus and other things that hurt the plants in our yard. He gave us some stuff to wash our lilac tree because it has a fungus hurting it. Tom learned his business from his family but some people go to college to learn all of the same stuff.

I thought we should put a pool in our yard but Dad said we couldn’t. My friend Lisa just got a pool so I guess I will swim at her house.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Renaissance Faire

This weekend we visited a Renaissance Faire and I watched lots of different shows. We saw one show with people eating fire and walking on glass but they are professionals and said kids shouldn’t try it at home. We also saw some funny people making jokes so everyone in the audience laughed. The people dressed in costumes with the ladies in beautiful long dresses and the men looked like kings. They even had a king and queen and they had a parade around the park. We watched some musicians but my favorite was Anam Kara.

Anam Kara had three people in it, two ladies and one man. They played a hammered dulcimer, harp, guitar and some others. They also sang some pretty songs and some really funny ones. I talked to the one lady, Luverne Adamson and she said she’s a nurse but they love to play and they go to festivals and also weddings, schools and other events. They even have a music CD so they must be kinda famous or at least I think they are because they had lots of people listening to them.

Some of the other people at the faire said that performing is their full-time job and they travel all over the United States and sometimes even Canada. I also met some college students who study performance in college and they work at the fairs for experience. It was really an interesting day with lots of fun stuff and even the food was interesting. Next year I want to dress-up like a princess so I can play along and walk with the queen.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Hobby Store


The past month has been a busy one for me with after school sports and fieldtrips. I can't believe school is almost over and summer vacation begins soon.

My brother Kevin and I went to a hobby store yesterday looking for paint. I thought it looked like a really fun store with lots of train stuff and they even had a Christmas train that looked like the Polar Express train from the book and movie. The store owner said he liked trains since he was a young kid so he's worked on them for a really long time. He became the store owner so he could help other people as they build their model train sets. Some people have really huge sets that take up entire rooms and they have more than one train going around the track at once. I like the trains that make noises like real trains and have people talking. I think it was interesting that the store owner took something he had fun with and made it into a store for other people.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Break in Indiana

We had a great spring break vacation in Indiana. We stayed at the Brown County State Park in the Abe Martin Lodge. It was fun because they have an indoor water park. I also liked the food and all of the trails we could walk around on and explore. Some people stay in little cabins which look really fun.

We also visited Nashville, Indiana which is a small town near the park. They have tons of stores that sell all different kinds of art and clothes and just about anything you can think of. We saw people out on the street drawing pictures. After Nashville we visited a winery and learned how to make wine. Mom and Dad tasted the different wines and even bought a bottle to take home.

I liked the park but mostly I had fun swimming.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Laser Light Show

We had a really fun weekend, Saturday night we watched a Laser Light Show at the planetarium. The lasers created pictures on the ceiling and you had to sit back in your seat and look straight up to see everything. They played music and the lights bounced around and changed to the music. Sometimes the lights made pictures of clocks and stuff, even a beating heart. I had to close my eyes sometimes when they really went crazy with the lights because it made me dizzy.

I thought that they just made everything with computers but we talked to one of the guys who made the show. He said that they use the lights and shadows to create some illusions. He started in graphic design but also had to learn laser technology, electrical work and repair because of all the equipment involved including the speakers and the lights. They work a long time to create a one hour show and time it with the music. He said it's a really fun job but when things go wrong it can be really stressful. I told him that I really liked the show but I had to close my eyes in parts. He said sometimes people have to leave the planetarium because they get sick. I'm glad I just closed my eyes so I didn't get sick.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

2010 Winter Olympics

We are watching the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, Canada. I like the figure skaters the most because it's almost like dancing and I like to skate. I also like the snowboard guys because they look really cool and I like the games they have for the PS3. The athletes spend years training every day and some of them even said they started when they were little kids but some didn't decide to try for the Olympics until they were older. I think it would be fun to skate for a living but Mom said that many of the athletes have other jobs. One skater several years ago was even going to medical school while she trained. I see several of the athletes in commercials and on products like my video games and cereal boxes. I bet it's really exciting to win a medal and be an Olympic champion. Even though I like skating maybe I would do a summer sport because it's a lot warmer, some of the people on TV look really cold.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Jewelry Sales Lady

Mom took me to a party tonight at our neighbor Mrs. Moxley’s house. She had a bunch of ladies over and one lady talked about jewelry, she had jewelry all over the kitchen table. We all sat in a room while the lady in charge passed around necklaces and earrings. I liked some of them and Mom let me buy one set of earrings The lady in charge said that this is her job and she goes to peoples houses and sells her jewelry to the people at the party. It reminded me a lot of the stamping parties Mom and I like to go to. The jewelry lady said she likes what she does because she can spend time with her family during the day and she makes a bunch of money. She said she didn’t like speaking in-front of people when she started but she’s good at it now. I’m not sure I would want to talk at parties all the time like she does. After the party I asked Mom about the sales lady, Mom said she has friends who sell all kinds of things like the stamps or home decorations, make-up and clothes.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl 2010

We are watching the Super Bowl today. I didn't know that the players got paid until my brother Kevin told me today, it's their job. He said they get paid a lot of money, more than a doctor or even my Dad. It's the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints playing, I like the Colts because I like horses and they have blue uniforms. Mom is watching the game because she likes the commercials, they have special commercials during the game and sometimes they are really funny.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Manicurist

Today is my best friend Lisa's birthday. After school her mom picked us up and we went to the nail salon to get our nails done. Lisa wants to be a manicurist when she grows-up and she's always trying to do my nails. When we get to high school Lisa will be able to take classes at the beauty school so she can start working at a salon. Lisa found out that our state requires that a manicurist is 17 years old and has passed the 9th grade. Lisa won't turn 17 until our senior year but she can take the classes her junior year and get her license as soon as she turns 17 and passes a test.

We had a great time getting our nails done. I picked pink polish and had yellow flowers painted on my nails. Lisa got black polish with pink flowers and rainbows on her thumbs. I didn't like the black but it looked really neat with the rainbow. Lisa's mom let us pick three bottles of polish each to take home. I picked pink, clear with glitter and white. Lisa got the black polish, a really ugly green and purple. I'm sure she will do something really crazy with her colors.

After we had our nails done we went out for pizza and had cake at Lisa's house. I didn't get to spend the night because it's a school night but it would have been fun.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Visiting the Dentist

I didn't go to school this morning, I had a dentist appointment. I had an appointment before to have my teeth checked and they found a soft spot which could start to hurt later so today they fixed it. Mrs. Crawford took me to the dentist because my Mom and Dad had to work. I didn't mind going with Mrs. Crawford, Mom hasn't gone in with me for my appointments since I was a little kid, now she just sits in the lobby. My dentist has birds outside the window that you can watch while she works on your teeth, sometimes she lets me listen to music. They always numb my mouth so I don't feel anything and if I start to feel something they stop and fix it so I stop feeling it. Even if I feel something it never hurts more than most of my scrapes and it is usually really quick. When I jump from a really high place my feet will sting when they hit the ground, I think that hurts worse than anything I have had at the dentist.

My Dentist went to school for a really long time, she had to take lots of classes in biology, chemistry, physics, health, and math. She also had to take a test so she could go to Dental School and after she finished all her classes she had to take a test to get out of school and be a dentist. When a dentist finishes school they get a degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS), or an equivalent degree, Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD). And they keep going to school for more training and to learn new stuff. I think all doctors must really like school because Mrs. Crawford's eye doctor also went to school for a really long time.

When I got to school I had missed first recess and lunch had already started. My best friend Lisa was already playing with some other kids so I ate my lunch and played alone on the swings during lunch. We played together during the afternoon recess and she told me about everything I missed that morning. I didn't miss much but it still felt strange missing school.

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Eye Doctor

Mrs. Crawford picked me up and school today because she had an appointment at the eye doctor, she sat on her glasses. When she picked me up she had an old pair of glasses on and looked really funny because the glasses where really huge and had points on the corners of the top like wings.

When we arrived I noticed a sign with three names and a bunch of words that all started with the letter O and hard to pronounce: Ophthalmologist, Optometrist and Optician. We walked in and the lady at the desk took Mrs. Crawford’s information and we had a seat in the lobby.

I asked Mrs. Crawford about all the O’s and what they meant. She said the Ophthalmologist was her Eye Doctor and he had gone to medical school to be a doctor, almost 12 years of college. He’s the one who did Mrs. Crawford’s eye surgery before so she could see well. The Optometrist has also helped Mrs. Crawford before but Mrs. Crawford said that person can’t do surgery or some of the stuff that her regular doctor does. The Optometrists also attends college but doesn’t go to medical school so they can’t do surgery.

Today Mrs. Crawford had to see the Optician because that person fixes the glasses. The Optician is the person who sits at a desk and helps people fit new glasses and figures out what lenses they need. Mrs. Crawford’s Optician was names John and he looked at the broken glasses and took them back to a room and worked on them. When he came back the glasses looked new again, the lens hadn’t broke just the frames got bent. He put them on Mrs. Crawford’s face and looked at them from front and side and made a few changes until they fit right again. He also let me try a bunch of the glasses and some of them looked really funny. My favorite glasses had diamonds on the front and side and made me look like a famous singer or something like that.

It’s the weekend!!!!! Really looking forward to playing out in the snow. See you later.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bus Driver

I left my lunch on the bus this morning so my Bus Driver brought it to my classroom. She drives us to school and watches us at recess as the recess lady. I asked her once why she doesn't watch us at noon and she said she's the kindergarten bus driver so she picks-up the afternoon kindergarteners around lunch time.

The Bus Drivers have a special license so they can drive all of the kids on a bus. My Bus Driver told me that she had regular drivers training to drive a car and had to take extra classes and drivers test for another license called a CDL. We have had drivers ride along on our bus before so they could learn about driving and our route. When we have a sub Bus Driver we are asked to move to the front seat just before our stop so we can tell the Bus Driver where our houses are. My bus stop has a bunch of kids getting off the bus but I am the oldest so I always get stuck telling the driver where to stop.

And you know what, when we have a sub bus driver the kids don't act crazy like they do with a substitute teacher. I think since everyone wants to get home we all pay attention and help the bus driver get everyone to the right stops.

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Substitute Teacher

We had a substitute teacher today, I usually don’t like subs because the class goes crazy but I liked this one. Her name was Ms. Jones and she seemed to have really good control over the class and everyone liked her and listened to her. She told us that she is currently going to school to be a teacher and working as a sub for the experience and to help pay for college. Ms. Jones said at her college it takes 5 years to be a teacher because she will be required to student teach which takes a long time. We had a student teacher working with my teacher last year. Sometimes the student teacher acted like the real teacher and taught our lessons. We have some subs at our school that are in different classes all the time so they know all of the kids. I like it when we get the subs who know us because the other kids don’t act crazy with those subs. Ms. Jones was great today and I hope we get her again sometime.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Doctor Heidi

I was sick yesterday, dizzy and stomach ache. Dad took me to the Doctor to make sure I didn't have the bad flu. The office was full of people and the Doctor couldn't see me so Doctor Heidi looked at me instead. I have had Doctor Heidi before and I like her. She's not really a doctor but I call her that because she does everything that my doctor does. She told me that she's a Physician's Assistant so she does doctor stuff but she works with a doctor probably like a team I think. She went to school for a really long time like my Dad who is a lawyer. She went to college for about 6 years, two of those years where in a special Physician Assistant program with really hard classes.

I still call her Doctor Heidi because Physician's Assistant Heidi is hard to say, especially if you are sick. She asked me a bunch of questions about how I felt and about school and my friends while she looked at my eyes, mouth and ears. Why do they always ask you questions just before they stick that tongue stick in your mouth, the dentist does the same thing. Well, I had an ear infection and I have drops that my Mom puts in my ear. I like Doctor Heidi, I don't like the drops in my ears.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Cook

We had a man visit our school today who works as a cook. He went to a special school for cooking and owns a restaurant by my house. His name is Mr. Stevens and he made potato chips for my entire class. He sliced a bunch of potatoes while talking to us but had a bunch that he brought with him already sliced. He fried them and added a lot of spices, they tasted really good. He said it was important to learn about business and cooking because he has a business and he needs to keep track of his money and paperwork. I like eating at his restaurant but I don't like his mashed potatoes because he leaves the skins on and I don't like to eat the skins.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

You won't believe this but when I woke-up this morning for school my Dad told me I didn't have school. It was Martin Luther King, Jr. day and my school was closed for the day. I spent the day with my babysitter, Mrs. Crawford, because my brother decided to work at the pizza place.

Mrs. Crawford asked me if I knew who Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was and when I told her I didn't she decided that we should take a trip to the library. I like the library but mostly when I can read books I like not school learning type stuff. If we went over to my house I probably could have googled him but Mrs. Crawford doesn't have a computer.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. has a lot of stuff written about him. From what I could figure out he was really important and spoke to large groups about freedom and civil rights, which means everyone should be able to do the same stuff no matter what race they are. Mrs. Crawford said that when she was young some people couldn't ride buses or eat in some restaurants because of the color or their skin and they couldn't vote or go to the same schools as other kids. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. made a big speech "I have a Dream" and after that the government started to work more towards making everything fair for everyone. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated on April 4, 1968, in Memphis, Tennessee.

And, I also learned that it is Pooh Day, celebrating the birth of the author, A.A. Milne who wrote the Winnie the Pooh stories. I love that Pooh bear.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Visiting the Air Zoo

We visited the Air Zoo in Kalamazoo this weekend. They have a bunch of airplanes, a movie and some fun rides. All of the airplanes have a history so you can read about them and some of them are from wars. They have a big black plane called a black bird that looks really cool. The walls are all painted like a park or one wall is the earth from space. I rode on the balloon ride and in this big box that let you shoot at planes and spun you around and upside down. When we walked to the other building it was all about space and landing on the moon.

We met one man who works there and he's a teacher. He talks to classes when they come and teaches them about the history and the planes and he showed us a movie. We had a great time and my brother Kevin even liked it, he said it was fun and now he wants to learn how to fly.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Call the Plumber

We woke-up this morning and didn’t have any water, the pipes froze. Mom and I went across the street to my babysitter, Mrs. Crawford’s house to shower this morning. Dad has a shower at his office so he went to work. My brother Kevin didn’t seem to be bothered by it, I don’t think he showered at all. It was fun to go to McDonald’s for breakfast. After we got home we still didn’t have water so my Dad called Mr. Briggs who we met this summer. Mr. Briggs is a plumber and works on new houses by our house. Mr. Briggs came right over and told Dad it wouldn’t take very long to get the water running again. I watched Mr. Briggs and helped by handing him stuff. He used heat tape which looks like a wire that he wrapped around the pipe where it was frozen. We gathered a bunch of towels and buckets just incase of leaks but ended-up not having leaks. After the water started running again Mr. Briggs told my Dad we should keep the heat on in the basement during the winter and maybe even add a space heater during really cold days. Dad said he had turned the heat off in the basement to try and save money but he thought now it probably wasn’t a good idea.

I talked to the mean girl today, her name is Stacey, I said hello and told her I liked her backpack. She gave me a really strange look but after a minute said thank-you and rushed down the hall. Maybe next time I see her she will say something nice to me.

Read more about Mr. Briggs and my first job in my book, Introducing Krista Kay-Summer Begins, available for purchase in April.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Making our clothing donation

Sorry I am late tonight. We stopped at the donation place and made our donation. It’s a big place that looks like a garage sale but it has shelves and racks that makes it look like a store. The man that took our stuff was George, he’s a full-time employee and he usually drives a forklift to move the heavy stuff like ovens and refrigerators. They had a bunch of clothes but also furniture, kitchen stuff and even televisions. George said they take donations and sell them to make money to keep the program going. People who need clothes or anything else can go in and buy stuff for really low prices or if they see someone in need sometimes they will give them a coat or something. I thought it was a good place.

Oh, I smiled at the mean girl today as we passed in the hall at school. She didn’t smile back but I think I will try to say hello to her tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mean Girl

I wore my new sweater to school today, I got it for Christmas and it has a matching hat and scarf. My best friend Lisa said she liked it and Lisa is really into clothes but another girl made fun of me. I told my Mom about it and she said I shouldn't think about what she said but why she said it. Mom said that lots of parents lost their jobs this year and maybe the girl said mean things because she's sad that she didn't get a sweater for Christmas. Mom said I should be empathetic with her and try to make an effort this week to say something nice to her. I had no idea what empathetic meant so Mom told me to look it up, I guess it's kind of like pretending that you are that person and thinking about how you would feel. I think I might be sad if we didn't have enough money for Christmas but I would still be nice. We decided to look at my old sweaters and see if I have any we could donate to kids who need sweaters this winter. It's really cold and snowy here so I think every kid should have a sweater and maybe I have some coats and boots I could also donate.

Well, I have tons of homework so see you later.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday- back to school

I like Monday because I get to see my friends at school but I don't like it because I have to go to school.

The weekend went by so fast. We spent Saturday getting the car fixed and it took extra long because we have a hybrid. They have a special guy who works on the hybrid because it requires special training. I asked him what that meant and he said he learned regular auto shop in high school and also took classes in college to be a certified mechanic. His boss also sends him for more training when needed like the training to fix our car. The place that he worked at before closed, since he had advanced training he got this job. I am glad he did that so he could fix our car, and he did because it works again.

It snowed outside all day today so now we have the old snow which got kinda crunchy and new soft snow on the top of the old. I am not sure what that will do to the sledding but it makes bad packing for snowball fights.

Friday, January 8, 2010

The Adventure Begins


I am Krista Kay and these are my adventures and the people I meet along the way. I am a fictional character here to help you learn about people in different careers while you read about my friends and family. I am in the fifth grade and I have one Brother, Mother and Father. My Mom was a stay at home Mom but she just got a job, I will be staying with a sitter after school starting next week. My Dad is an attorney but not the court kind, he does mostly paper stuff. My Brother Kevin is 16 years old and lately he spends his time with girls or talking about some girl.

I am home from school today because we had a snow day. I am waiting for my friend Lisa to come over and play outside with me. We like to build forts in the snow and sled down the hill by my house. Lisa is my best friend but we are really different, she loves clothes and boys and she lives just with her Mom.